Our training is thorough, well organized, and easy to follow.  We take complex subject matters and make them easy to understand.  Participants frequently refer to our handout materials well after they attend our seminars.

Glenn Barlett developed and presented training for government auditors when he was a Regional Director of Planning and Support for the OFCCP.  He presented workshops for the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, the Rutgers University Institute of Management and Labor Relations, and the American Association for Affirmative Action’s Professional Development and Training Institute.  He makes presentations to clients, other employers, and employer groups.

All training can be customized to meet your individual needs.  Web based training is available in addition to on-site training.  Our most popular subjects are:

  • Preparing Affirmative Action Plans
  • Data Analysis
  • OFCCP’s Internet Applicant Regulations
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Changes in EEO-1, IPEDS, and VETS Reports
  • EEO Tabulation 2006-2010

Please contact us by calling (732) 446-2529 or sending us an e-mail at if you need training.