AAP Preparation

Most Human Resource professionals do not have the time or specialized expertise to prepare Affirmative Action Plans.  We provide a cost effective alternative that frees our clients to concentrate on making the plan work.  Our AAPs are praised by members of the contractor and compliance communities.  They are organized in an easy to follow format that facilitates both internal and external review.

Our clients receive AAP binders that include all of the ingredients required by federal regulations.  A compact disc containing all the files used to prepare the AAP is included.   Back-up material that provides an audit trail for all components and key decisions is also included.  There is never a question about “where the data came from” with our AAPs.

We also seek our client’s involvement in key decisions.  We do the work, but our clients participate fully in the key decisions involved in building the AAPs.  This involvement provides an Affirmative Action learning experience.

We prepare the three AAPs federal contractors are required to have:

  • AAP for Minorities and Women
  • AAP for Persons with a Disability
  • AAP for Covered Veterans

The AAP for minorities and women include the following key components:

  • Organizational Profile (Organizational Display or Workforce Analysis)
  • Job Group Analysis
  • Determining Availability
  • Comparing Incumbency to Availability and Placement Goals
  • Identification of Problem Areas (statistical analysis of hire, promotion, termination, and compensation practices)
  • Analysis of Prior Year’s Performance

We analyze our client’s compensation data using the OFCCP’s screening device that indicates the likelihood that the agency will request data on all employees during a Compliance Review.  The results are provided with every AAP.

We provide Executive Summaries with all of the AAPs we prepare.  These summaries enable our clients to quickly focus on any areas of concern.  Clients with more than one AAP are provided with AAP summaries that highlight areas of concern across the organization.

In addition to preparing AAPs pursuant to federal regulations, we frequently prepare AAPs that comply with specific state or local requirements.

Please contact us by calling (732) 446-2529 or sending us an e-mail at glennbarlett@gbcs.net if you are interested in a detailed proposal for preparing AAPs.